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When it comes to André Tanneberger (ATB) words pale. The man has been in the music industry for more than 20 years, has released no less than 10 albums (and thinking of the next one), has graced the biggest and most important stages in the world with his electric presence and has become a genuine [...]

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When you talk about legends in the trance scene, it is seriously impossible to not bring up the name ATB. Over the past two decades, André Tanneberger has serenaded fans around the world with his signature trance releases. Whether you were dancing the night away to his tracks like “9pm (Till I Come)” or “Don’t [...]

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„Ruhrtone Music Management“ heißt das Unternehmen, das ATB zusammen mit anderen gegründet hat. Das Motto lautet: „run like a family business“. Junge Dance-Music-Künstler managen und produzieren – das ist das Ziel von Ruhrtone. Gleichzeitig betont das Unternehmen aber auch seinen sozialen Anspruch und machen Musikprojekte mit Flüchtlingen. Außerdem ist ATB weiter weltweit für Gigs [...]