Movin’ melodies


Movin' melodies ATB's 9 P.M. (Till I Come) is one of the biggest surprise hits in recent decades. Not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. DJ and producer André Tanneberger, better known as ATB, collected a series of gold discs as he broke into the [...]

Two worlds


Two worlds Two Worlds The voyage into new regions of trance and chill continues. After Movin' Melodies, the second Andre Tannenberger album Two Worlds has the capacity to establish him not only as a Dj but as a worldwide renowned artist. As the title suggests, [...]



Dedicated Dedicated André Tanneberger's third album Dedicated is a superb collection of danceable trance songs, magnificent melodies, graced with the alluring tones of his new vocalist Roberta. Having previously sung on the ATB hits "Hold You" and "Let You Go", she also lends her voice [...]

Addicted to music


Addicted to music Addicted to music: ATB is one of the most successful producers and artists on the international music scene, and has been for years. His single-minded musical development transported André Tanneberger beyond the clubs, where he continues to set new standards, and into [...]

No silence


No Silence No Silence Staying true to your musical self whilst constantly seeking out new aspects of sound, that is very much Andre Tanneberger's approach to music. Under his alias ATB, he has achieved his aim on No Silence. The unmistakeable elements of an ATB-Album [...]



Trilogy As both songwriter and producer, Andre Tanneberger has been living in two worlds for quite some time. One is the world of electronic music, where he has created extraordinary, melodious club tracks and played countless DJ sets all over the globe. Worldwide fame came [...]